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Wholy Tea – For Fast Weight Loss and Cleansing

Are you feeling bloated, constipated and just run down? Did you know that 1 – 5 lbs of your current weight could be toxic fecal matter stuck to the intestinal wall and colon causing numerous health conditions? Did you know that your liver is responsible for eliminating excess cholesterol and fat from your blood? It will only do this when it is not toxic.

Good News! We have the solution and it is called Wholy Tea. All you have to do to clean your colon and liver is drink two cups of Holy Tea per day for a month. Some people even say it works in as fast as a week. This will help you to reduce the size of your abdomen or belly.

The objective is to regulate your bowel movements to two or three each day in order to keep the waste flowing and not sitting in your digestive system, which may cause numerous health conditions including bloating and constipation. You may adjust the amount of Holy Tea you consume daily to suit your body’s needs. You also need to drink 8 cups (64oz.) of clean water daily, which is recommended for everyone everyday, whether you have any of the above mentioned conditions or not!

People are dying with conditions that can be eradicated simply by cleaning the colon. The American Medical Association journal stated there are over 15,000,000 IBS cases (which they say, they have no answer for.) Probably every North American has issues with the sewer system of our most important organ, the colon. Dr. Miller has been working on this product, perfecting it for consumption for over 20 years.

Did you know that over 5 pounds of your current weight could be undigested toxic fecal matter plaquing your colon? It’s time for a cleanse!

The colon is the end portion of the human digestive tract. It is about 5 feet long and 2 ½ inches in diameter. Its major functions are to eliminate waste and to conserve water. Waste, (accumulated garbage) impacted feces, dead cells, mucous, parasites, worms, flukes, etc. pose an eventual problem/problems to health. The material is very toxic, and one can experience part of the toxicity in the form of acid reflux. This is simply waste that needs to go out the other end, but it is prevented/blocked. These poisons enter and circulate in the blood stream, making us feel, ill, tired and weak. Secondly, when the colon is blocked, the body cannot properly use nutrients properly.

This huge problem is prevalent in all ‘civilized’ societies. Common signs include: headaches, backaches, constipation, fatigue, bad breath, body odor, irritability, confusion, skin problems, gas, bloating, diarrhea, sciatic pain, and many other problems which are simply parasites feeding on bacteria. Remove the bacteria; you will remove the food chain. Colon toxicity is very common, but certainly not limited to the colon. The toxin is found in fat tissue, joints, arteries, muscles, liver, and all other organs. Wholy Tea effectively eliminates large quantities of toxic waste, affecting the condition of the entire body. While the lungs, skin, and kidneys also serve to eliminate toxins, if the health of the colon is optimum, the whole body can work together as the well-tuned, balanced work of art, the way it was supposed to be.

There is no other product that is as easy and pleasant to consume as Wholy Tea. It is absolutely essential that we take care of our colon or suffer the consequences. You take a shower, you brush your teeth, do you drink Wholy Tea? It is far more important to keep your colon and body clean than it is to brush your teeth and take a shower, but you do not forget to brush your teeth and take a shower do you? Then it is time to start cleaning your insides just like you clean your outsides.

The human body is able to naturally expel unwanted material on its own, but due to industrialized living the body is exposed to chemicals and toxins that it is unable to flush. The body’s inability to properly rid itself of these toxic elements causes an unhealthy build up within the digestive organs in its system.

Holy Tea is a unique blend of all natural ingredients used with great results for over 20 years.

Benefits to the Liver and Kidneys

The colon is susceptible to a continual build up of toxic material found in the foods that we eat. Many processed foods, such as pasteurized milk, processed flour and sugar, as well as foods packed with preservatives contain toxic elements that slowly build up in the intestine. This slow build up of toxins causes a hardened impacted film to form within the intestines decreasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, lowers metabolism rates and causes unhealthy weight gain. When the body cannot absorb the positive elements of food properly energy levels are lowered and the risk of serious illness is dramatically increased. Holy Tea targets the toxic build up in the intestine, breaking it up and flushing it from the colon. Once this detoxification process is started, and continued, you will have more energy, an increased feeling of over all wellness and a lower risk of potential illness.

The largest internal organ in your body, the liver, is responsible for neutralizing and removing harmful substances and toxins from the blood. Overloading the liver with harmful toxins can cause disastrous effects on your health. A sluggish liver can lead to serious fatigue, weight gain, water retention and cholesterol plaque build up. Wholy Tea will target the liver and can remove unwanted toxins and enable it to function properly. A healthy liver will increase energy, improve metabolism, and help you to burn excess fat.

Functions of the kidneys include the elimination of toxins, regulating blood pressure and helping with the urinary system. Kidney problems are becoming more common every year, mostly due to the consumption of overly processed foods. The kidneys filter our blood of toxins by producing urine. Just like the colon and liver, your kidney is vital to your every day health. If they do not function properly, your body becomes weak, leaving you vulnerable to disease. In order to maintain healthy kidneys, they should be flushed out on a regular basis. Wholy Tea is designed to rid the body of such chemicals.

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Wholy Tea Ingredients

Ingredients are a special blend of: Persimmon leaves, malva leaves, holy thistle, marshmallow leaves, blessed thistle, green tea and white tea. It is the special enzymes that allow the gentle cleansing of the whole body with continued use. All the enzymes that used to give us colon health have been destroyed by processed foods and pasteurization of Dairy products. Now we can enjoy perfect colon health. Wholy Tea is a total body cleanse for health and wellness. It’s like cleaning a house, one room at a time. One overworked organ at a time.

Persimmon Leaves

Malva Leaves

Holy Thistle / Milk Thistle

Blessed Thistle

Marshmallow Leaves


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