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[콜만] 인티미트 워시/ 여성위생청결재 250ml [Corman] Organ(y)c Intimate Wash 8,5 oz, 250ml


- SLES  SLS 프리
- Colorants Parabens 프리
합성 향료 프리

[콜만] 오가(유기농) 순면(코튼)메이크업 패드(화장솜) 70개 [Organyc] Organic cotton Make-Up Pads 70pcs


유기농 순면 솜메이크업 패드(화장솜) 70개

  • 100 percent organic certified cotton rounds ideal for personal care as well as cosmetics and more
  • Both the cotton rounds and the packaging are made with renewable and sustainable raw materials
  • All packaging and materials are biodegradable and compostable
  • Besides cosmetic and personal care uses these cotton rounds are also helpful for craft projects and pet care or cleaning fragile and hard to reach items and spots
  • High quality rounds with the structural integrity you would expect from German engineering

[콜만] 오가닉(유기농) 순면(코튼) 베이비 와이프 물티슈 Corman Organyc Baby 60 Wipes


유기농 물티슈는 부드럽고, 내구력이 강하면서 사용하기에 편리합니다.
- 위생적인 유기농 제품입니다.
- 피부과 테스트를 거쳤습니다.
- 알코올 프리, 파라벤 프리, 염소 프리

Intimate hygiene. Organic formulation. ICEA certified formulation. Dermatologically tested. Alcohol free. No chlorine. No parabens. No SLS.
Organyc wet wipes are soft, resistant and easy to use.