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[에이오알]엘글루타민 120캡슐[AOR]L-Glutamine 120caps

근육 강화 스트레스 기간 동안 면역 체계 지원 장 투과성 또는 "장 누수" 감소 효과적인 섭취량으로 캡슐 및 분말 형태로 제공   본 상품은 제품 이미지와 실물의 차이가 있을수 있습니다.

[베가]스포츠 리커버리 액셀러레이터-애플 베리 540g [Vega] Sport Recovery Accelerator- Apple Berry 540g

  • Plant-Based
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Recover
  • Restore Energy, Reduce Inflammation and Support Immune Function
  • Dairy, Gluten and Soy Free
  • Powder
  •, Trusted by Sport, Tested for WADA-Banned Substances

Good for your body and the planet, Vega is the clean, plant-based choice to fuel your healthy, active lifestyle—without compromise.

Recovery Accelerator

Recharge and Repair So You Can Do It All Again, Sooner

  • Replenishes energy and electrolytes
  • Reduces inflammation, muscle and joint pain
  • Supports immune system function and protein synthesis
  • Reduces recovery time between training

Vega Sport is the first all-natural, plant-based performance enhancement system specifically developed to help athletes perform at their best — before, during and after training and competition.

Formulated by Brendan Brazier: vegan, professional Ironman triathlete, and bestselling health author on plant-based nutrition.


Suggested Use

(Adults): Mix one scoop (0.96 oz) of Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator in 1.5 cups (12 fl oz) of cold water and drink immediately after exercise to enhance recovery process and reduce rest period between workouts.

Other Ingredients

Whole grain brown rice sweetener, natural flavors, citric acid, malic acid, red beet juice powder, stevia extract.

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator is plant-based, dairy, gluten and soy free and contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.


Cautions and Warnings: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescription medication, or have a serious medical condition. Do not use if you have had a heart attack/myocardial infarction. For adults only. Some people may experience gastrointestinal discomfort. Do not use if seal is broken.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.